Adroit Nutrition

Losing weight doesn’t begin with what’s on your plate but with what’s on your mind!

Everybody around us seems to be in a run to look good – for a wedding, a reunion, a conference or an event and resort to a short cut method to reduce weight. AND…make weight loss a race against time.. The ultimate result is….Before / After / After the Afrer

At Adroit it’s a mind body approach to weight loss

It is conceived to tackle the vicious cycle of “weight loss – weight gain” from the ground up, so you can deal with the root of the problem.

We begin by trying to understand your relationship with food, the way you look at food and the importance you give it in your life.

We make you trust your own body and to have faith in it, so that you can be assured that if you are eating and doing the right things, there is no way you won’t reach your goal.

We provide you the tools to change your relationship with food – and show you how to mentally gear yourself to adopt the healthy food habits – so that you never have to diet another day in your life.



Our Services Include:

  • Screening for Lifestyle Diseases (Metabolic Syndrome) and guidance for further action.
  • Determining your Ideal body weight and Health Goals.
  • Planning a well balanced diet considering your food habits, health and weight loss goals.
  • Providing support and motivation, to help you to stick to your goals and achieve them.
  • Guidance on what to eat and how to manage while travelling, celebrations, outside eating etc.
  • Nutrition Education and self help tools for equipping you to maintain your lost weight.
  • Surgery for Obesity and Diabetes
  • A multidisciplinary team for long term follow up of bariatric surgery patients
  • Comprehensive weight loss solutions

Long lasting weight loss is not a sprint; it’s not something that needs to be won. Like a marathon, it is simply a journey of endurance…..

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